A new standard in localization

eclypse offers easy-to-use native desktop and mobile apps.

eclypse's ipad app showing project settings
eclypse's ipad app showing milestone settings
eclypse's iphone app showing native app
eclypse's mac app showing translation management
translation tool shows a list of members who are using the app.
a translator is invited to eclypse
visual embellishments that decorate the members list.

Centralized workplace to collaborate

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    Invite your team

    Manage all your multi-lingual content in one place for continous translation.

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    Assign roles

    Manage access levels within your team that meets the needs of your organization.

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    Start collaborating

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Translations via eclypse

Easily order your translations via eclypse at the click of a button. Translations start at 5 cents per word.

Machine Translations

Take full advantage of the machine translations - thanks to built-in Google and DeepL Translate integrations.

Invite your own translator

If you would like to work with your own translators simply invite them to your project.

Built for scale

translation tool allows users to attach screenshots


Increase translation quality by providing screenshots for better context.

Advanced Filtering

Quickly locate keys by saving your search criteria.

Manage by Milestone

Eclypse can be configured to follow your release cycle. Conveniently locate your keys that need translations before the release date to minimize delays.

Export Templates

Improve productivity by reusing export rules to download the data out of eclypse.

Introducing Translatability

Only translate what's needed

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If you do not need to translate all of your content for all regions, you can now streamline your translation effort. Simply associate your content with various features in your app. Eclypse takes over and clearly indicates to your translators that translation is not needed for the designated content.

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Expansive support for plurals.

Eclypse is built from the ground up to work seamlessly with plurals. Simply toggle plural mode when you need it.

translation management app displays plural support in a native mac app.

Use translation status according to your workflows.

You can search and locate translations based on translation statuses.

developers and translations can run eclypse in an iphone.
tms shows the ability to assign custom statuses to translations in a native mac app.

Glossary ensures consistent and high quality translations.

eclypse supports both iphone and mac.
continous translation tool eclypse displays the ability to enter terms to the built-in glossary feature.

Automate your workflow with our APIs

Be more productive

Whenever you change one of your translations in your external systems, sync the changes with eclypse.

Reduce developer workload

Let your team focus on engineering and development while reducing auxilary tasks.

Scale up

eclypse is designed to grow with you. Flexible API allows multiple ways to integrate.

Chat with your teammates

Use the built-in chat interface to discuss localization questions.

two people are discussing what showcase event means.
two people are discussing what showcase event means.

Is there a feature you would like to see?

Eclypse is built to be highly customizable. Just drop us a note.

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